Frequently asked questions

How Do I Book A Private Party at The Duck Pond?

  • Email pondparties@gmail.com to find out about availability and make arrangements to reserve your date by paying your deposit
  • Check Deposit/Security Deposit: $100 deposit is due to book your party and hold date. + a check made out for $50 for security deposit held and returned the day of the party as long as toys are not broken, damaged or extra cleaning needs to be done to carpets and party ends at scheduled time. (see address below to mail checks for deposit).
  • Checks made payable to: GCO
  • Balance due 2 weeks prior to event date. (total minus the deposit)
  • Complete the our party order form and include details. CHECK AVAILABILITY
  • View our catering menu Little Ducky Catering
  • All details for party must be made 14 days prior to party.
  • *Cancellations must be made 30 days prior to event for full refund of $100 deposit.
  • Please read our RULES/REMINDERS below for hosting a party at The Duck Pond

What are the Rules & Reminders?

  • No alcohol
  • No food/drink on carpet
  • No shoes in bounce houses
  • No paint, liquid glue allowed
  • Please make sure your guests know what time you have rented our venue for, clean up will begin promptly at the end time of your party.
  • Your time slot includes 30 mins of setup..
  • If using the kitchen make sure to clean up after yourself and bring all the necessary items you will need to use the kitchen such as oven mitts, knives, serving spoons, cake server.
  • All extra rooms will close 15 mins before party ends – this is to insure the room is still in working condition and no parts, toys are missing to guarantee your security deposit is returned.  

Please remember to gather all your items before you leave, any items left behind are not guaranteed to be returned.  

What are Additional Add-Ons?

  • Desserts For A Buffet Table (includes themed cake, cupcakes, cakepops, plus more bite sized yumminess)
    25 servings- $225, 50 Servings-$350, 100 servings-$600
  • Entertainers (Clown, Magician, Princesses, Superheros)
    Email us what type of entertainer and length of visit and we will get you pricing
  • Face Painting
    $100 per hour + tips
  • Circle Time (songs/dancing, book reading, & farewell song)
  • Catered Food Packages
    Starts at $8 per person
  • Color Scheme Change (Duckling Package Only Option)
  • Extra Balloons (2 dz. in your colors)
  • Extra 1 hour